It all started when i was looking for personalized learning to develop and bridge a gap in a topic that my son had, It was Mid 2015 and i started by searching online and could not believe that i couldn’t find a platform that can help me look at rated tutors so i had to look at references, the other challenges that strikes me was to find a suitable timing and have exact amount to pay after each session

From here the idea of building Dars came to life

Most of our children face challenges at school and with learning in general at various times of our educational journey and in certain topics The desire of most of us is to improve our children learning experience & self-esteem while resulting to academic success

Each student has a different learning curve and ability of absorption of information

Private tuition can help tailoring and focusing with one student on his / her areas of improvement and lead to

Our aim is to support teachers / coaches and students with tools to tailor education, sports and others to individual needs, skills, and interests of each student, in an effort to accelerate and deepen learning.

Our solution is developed to solve everyday challenge in finding the right professional to help us and our kids to make progress in an activity or subject that they need to develop The applications and portal main purpose is to request development in sport, subject or art areas. we use technology to give people what they want to make progress and improve, when they want it.

For the professionals who offer their services through Dars, our app represents a flexible new way to increase income and raising new talents. For cities, we help strengthen local economies, improve access to personalized development making a better world

Our aim for everyone to benefit

Awesome Dars App